Update on Behind the Headlines


I have had an awesome writing coach for the last few months that has taught me so much about writing and outlining that I can’t even BEGIN to put it into words. Well, she read over a teaser I had posted a week or so ago and did some editing on it and I finally managed to rework it and think it sounds much better.

I also am realizing that the person I thought was the MC, is not. She is a main part of the story, but not as much as she was when I first started this!

So anyway, the part I reworked today is 965 words so far and I’m hoping to add more to it tonight but we shall see.



Reyna tosses her overnight bag onto the bed and sets up her laptop on the desk that sits in front of a large bay window overlooking the lake. She goes to the kitchen and makes a pot of coffee as she has a feeling it is going to be a long night. After returning to her room with her cup, she turns on her laptop and starts researching.

As she went through the articles, she learned it had been opened in 1890 and closed in 1950 after a mysterious fire started in one of the second floor wards, destroying most of the right back corner of the asylum and killed over a dozen patients, two of the nurses, and a doctor. She continued researching to see if she could find any information on the patients or any reports of abuse. As she sits there engrossed in her research, one of her balcony doors flies open, bringing with it a cool wind. She jumps, startled, and then laughs. Shaking her head, she walks over and closes the door, thinking to herself it just hadn’t been closed all the way. As she turns back to go back to the desk, she sees the form of her great-grandmother Aiyana floating in front of her.

Gram..Grammie?” Reyna stammers a little as her eyes widen a little. While Reyna is a Shaman, having her dead Great-Grandmother pop up was a bit startling.

The spirit nods. “Osiyo, Ayita. I have been watching over you since I passed away, so I know what you are contemplating doing. I want you to know I am very proud of all you have become and I am here to tell you that you must go to Ku’uma Forest.” She holds up a hand as Reyna goes to speak. “I do not have a lot of time so let me speak.” Reyna nods and stays quiet. “Since I have been in the spirit world, I have heard and seen many things.” She takes a deep breath, “I have heard things about my son. Other spirits that have been around Ku’uma said he was very erratic and violent when he first died, then about a year after the fire, he became very listless, withdrawn, and stayed away from everyone. In fact, some say he disappeared for quite a while. Something evil has him and many others trapped in that asylum. They will not tell me much about it, just that they do their best to stay away from there. They say he walks between the worlds of spirit and human. He is growing in power and that will be very bad for all of us if he is not stopped.”

She looks at Reyna. “You must go and stop him and free those he has trapped. Have faith in yourself my sweet Ayita. You have so much more power than you realize. Your friends and some new guides will help you get through what you are about to do and in the end I know you will defeat him. You are the only one who can.

Reyna looks at her. “Why me? How will I defeat something like this if even spirits are afraid of him and can do nothing to him?”

You will know when the time comes. You will go through some loss and heartache, but you will come out of this whole and with your newly found power you will be happy.” She places her hands on Reyna’s cheeks. “I must go. But remember I love you and do not let anyone stand in your way. You are the mortal and spirit world’s salvation.” She floats back a little bit, blows Reyna a kiss, then disappears.

New blog!



Hi all. I thought I would start a new blog page so that you all could find out news and updates for Behind the Headlines – The Lutharia Chronicles as well as my other adult novels and keep them separate from my #kidslit/#YAFantasy.

In Behind the Headlines, Suzie Andrews and a few of her friends were hired to interview and photograph a few of the more important people in Rivenpoint for the head of the Rivenpoint Chronicle, and find themselves involved in a lot more than they bargained for.

The main characters are really starting to come alive as I work more and more on things. I am fleshing them out more now and am hoping to have the villain fully fleshed out  as well here soon.

So I hope you all enjoy my trip into a new-ish genre and will follow along while I document the journey!